12 Inch 60 Grit Ceramic Hook & Loop Sandpaper Discs (4 Pack) PART #556179

Shopsmith Ceramic abrasives are generally recognized as the toughest, sharpest abrasive materials available to today’s woodworker.




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Shopsmith Ceramic Sanding Discs are Fast-Cutting, Long-Lasting and Non-Clogging! You'll Love Them!

Ceramic grain-coated abrasive material was developed specifically for the commercial woodworking industry and, depending on the application, will easily deliver 4-Times the Life of Standard Aluminum-Oxide (A/O) Abrasives!

Their performance is nothing short of amazing! The open-coat application of the particles to the rugged cloth backing resists clogging and extends disc life well beyond what you could expect from more conventional abrasives. And, we have test results to prove it! (See Specifications Section for Test Criteria or Click Here)

We subjected our ceramic abrasive coated discs to some truly brutal tests and they came through with flying colors! You may pay a bit more than aluminum oxide, but they are worth it!

The 36 and 60-grit discs are provided on a super-heavy "Y" weight PSA cotton-poly backing, while all other grits feature a heavy "X" weight cotton-poly backing.

For the quickest abrasive grit change choose the Hook & Loop Ceramic abrasives. By mounting the self-stick Conversion Disc on a single Shopsmith Sanding Disc (555143), you can peel away the Ceramic abrasive you have finished with and place the next finer disc directly on that same disc.
For Sharpening with Ceramic Abrasives, depending how "dull" your cutting edge is, you can also use three progressive finer grits. The Assorted pack of Ceramic Discs (556184) has what you need. Use the Coarse Grit (80 Grit) for chip and nick removal. The Medium Grit (100 Grit) for removing the heavy scratch marks on the ground surface. Then use the Fine Grit (120 Grit) to smooth the ground surface prior to honing with a sharpening stone.

NOTE: Hook & Loop is NOT recommended for Sharpening or Grinding steel tools because the softness of the backing may cause the abrasive to catch the sharp edge of the steel cutting tool
View the time-lapse video (Click Here) of a 100-grit ceramic abrasive sanding disc reducing almost 2 feet of 2" x 4" to sawdust, then after a brief clean-up with an abrasive cleaning stick return to like-new condition.

Note: We advise you to always wear an N95 (NIOSH-Certified) Respirator when sanding to filter out 95% of airbourne particles.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
55617912 Inch 60 Grit Ceramic Hook & Loop Sandpaper Discs (4 Pack)(4) 12 Inch 60 Grit Ceramic Hook & Loop Sandpaper Discs

Ceramic Abrasive Test Results
The following describes a series of six internal tests of Shopsmith 12" ceramic abrasive discs, conducted by Jim McCann, Shopsmith's resident woodworking expert. All tests were conducted in-house, using a single 100-grit 12" ceramic disc on the Shopsmith MARK at approximately 1,600 RPM.
• Test #1: 2" x 4" x 2' Knotty White Pine
• Test #2: 1" x 3" x 2' Cherry
• Test #3: 1" x 3" x 2' Hard Maple
• Test #4: 2" x 4" x 2' Pressure Treated Yellow Pine
• Test #5: 1" x 3" x 2' Red Oak
• Test #6: 1" x 3" x 2' White Oak

In each of the tests above, we force-fed our workpieces into the rotating 100-grit disc as quickly as possible, until the wood was sanded down to just 4" long.
The tests each required from four to eight minutes to complete and about 40 minutes for the complete series, after which our MARK Smart Motor was quite warm.
As we completed each of the six tests, our disc was holding (but not clogged with) sanding dust. Each time we switched from wood-to-wood, the sawdust from each previous wood was actually displaced by the sawdust from the new wood. This demonstrated clearly that that sawdust was, in no case, adhering tightly to the abrasive particles. When we finished the 6-test series, we simply used an abrasive cleaning stick to remove all signs of sawdust from the disk and return it to like-new condition and color - almost as if it had never been used at all! NOTE: At no time was there any evidence whatsoever of workpiece burning during or after completion of these tests. Truly amazing, considering the speed at which we forced the stock into the rotating disc.


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12 Inch 60 Grit Ceramic Hook & Loop Sandpaper Discs (4 Pack) 556179

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