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Dust Collection Accessories are made for Cleaning the Floor, Brushing off Your Machines and Even Collecting Dust.
They can be attached the wall of your shop for collection runs to your machines, so you never need to move your dust Collector. They are for old, small dust ports that require a reducer or can be added to an older Shopsmith machine that did not have a connection for dust collection. Or even close off a port to optimize your dust collection system. Be creative and make your own dust collection accessories to meet your specialized needs.

Dust Collection Accessories Kit (514890)
Works on Shopsmith DC-6000 and DC-3300 Dust Collectors. It includes many handy attachments & extras to get the most out of your Shopsmith Dust Collector.

Dust Collection Accessories Kit Includes:
• (1) 8' x 2-1/2" Hoses
• (1) Elbow Dusting Brush
• (1) Package of Dust Bags (6 bags per package)
• (1) 2-1/2-Inch Male Plug
• (2) Extension Wands
• (1) Utility Table Pickup
• (1) Reducer Cap

14 Inch Utility Nozzle (514826)
Connects to 2-1/2" extension wand (offered separately) to provide quick, convenient floor pickup on hard floors without back-bending effort.

Dust Collector Utility Pick Up (514829)
Dust Collector Utility Pickup is similar to the 14 Inch Utility Nozzle but it has a larger opening for picking up larger chips. This works well on the wands for sweeping debris from the floor. Opening size is 6.5" x 3.5" for dust collection. and has a 2-1/2" opening for hoses.

20" Long x 2-1/2" Diameter Extension Wand (514825)
Wands can be used with utility nozzle or brush attachment for floor, machine, shelf and bench clean-up. 20" long. Male one end - Female the other. Connect two or more together to extend your reach or make a solid wall mounted dust collection run to a machine on the other end of your shop.

2-1/2 Inch Diameter Hook-Up Ferrule (Single) (710130)
Attach these Ferrules to a 2-1/2" hose to make all your power tools and fixtures dust-collection capable! Attach these on older Shopsmith machines made before they were available with dust collection.

2-1/2 Inch Diameter Hook-Up Ferrule (Set of 4) (710135)
Attach these Ferrules to a 2-1/2" hose to make all your power tools and fixtures dust-collection capable! Be creative and make your own dust collection accessories to meet your specialized needs.

2-1/2" Elbow Dusting Brush (514828)
Used for dusting shelves, walls and tools. Female connector.

2-1/2 Inch Female to 1-1/4 Inch Male Reducer (514824)
Used to plug the ports on the DC3300 Dust Collector with and additional part 514928. Can also be used to reduce the elbow to a 1-1/4" opening for early MARK V 500’s with plastic lower saw guards and Belt Sanders. Openings are 2-1/2" and 1-1/4".

2-1/2 Inch Vacuum Elbow Attachment (514521)
Designed for use on machines with side-mounted outlets to relieve hose strain. Male on one end, female on the other. Can also be used with hoses and wands to eliminate hose kinking.

2-1/4 Inch Inlet Plug with Cap (514929)
Made to fit into Shopsmith DC-6000, DC-3300 & DC-330L Dust Collector 3-way inlet when fewer than three hoses are used at once. Improves air flow.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
514521Dust Collector Elbow Attachment(1) 2-1/2 Inch Vacuum Elbow Attachment


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Dust Collector Elbow Attachment 514521

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