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Drill Perfectly Square Holes for Mortises of all Types and Cut Percisely Matching Tenons




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Shopsmith Mortising Package (555810)

“Drill” Perfectly Square Holes and Slots for Mortise-and-Tenon Joints, Hinges and More with the Shopsmith Hollow Chisel Mortising Attachment

Hollow Chisel Mortising Beats Two-Step Mortising Hands-Down for Speed, Precision and Finished Appearance. There are four primary methods for cutting mortises. From complex-to-simple, these are: 1: Cut them completely with a chisel. Great if you have "forever" to do the job! 2: Bore most of the waste out with a drill bit and square-up the corners & sides of the with a chisel. 3: Rout away most of the waste, then square-up the corners & sides with a chisel. 4: Use the Shopsmith hollow chisel mortising System and you're done in one step!

Years ago, hollow chisel mortising faded in popularity and ended-up being replaced by router-based slot mortising. Well, it didn't take long for woodworkers to figure out that hollow-chisel mortising was a lot faster and easier. As a result, people returned to the system that was the best for many years.

Here's how this tool works. Install your Mortising Attachment over the outside of your quill and tighten the screw. Next install your drill chuck on your MARK 7 or Mark V spindle. Insert the Mortising Chisel of your choice with matching Mortising Bit into the opposite end of the attachment and tighten a setscrew and then tighten the bit in your drill chuck. Position your workpiece against your rip fence, install the hold-down and go to work!

The attachment holds the chisel to keep it from rotating while your drill chuck holds and spins the mortising bit that rides inside the chisel. As you lower the set into your wood, the bit removes most of the waste while the chisel's sharp edges square-shave the sides of the mortise flat and smooth. The special hold-down attaches to the top of your rip fence to keep your workpiece from lifting off the table surface when you retract the chisel.
The package includes everything needed to cut 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" mortises.

Includes: • Mortising Attachment • Hold-Down • 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Bit/Chisel Sets and • Chisel Honing Stone.

Shopsmith Tenon Master (555479)

The Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig was designed with a wide, flat face that holds workpieces exactly perpendicular to Your MARK worktable top .

Although it is used primarily with the table saw for creating tenons on the ends of boards, it is equally useful for holding and guiding workpieces through all types of operations on other tools as well. For example, it can also be used to support and guide workpieces on your Shopsmith machine when using under-table routing

Made of heavy, cast aluminum work support, with a solid steel base, it offers a large, comfortable knob for optimum control and a built-in precision miter bar that fits your Shopsmith Mark 7 or Mark V worktable. The work support can slide 2” and for complete adjustment to match any project. The work support can also pivot 90-degrees so the Tenon Master can be set to not only cut the faces of the tenon but also cut the shoulders. The Tenon Master is not limited to tenons. It can be used to cut many other woodworking joints such as half laps, end laps dovetails and tongs.

A toggle clamp is included to help you grip the workpiece, against the pivoting Trunnion. Use this pivoting trunnion to back-up and support workpieces that have angled ends. For example, when cutting spline grooves for the mating faces of miters, such as those on picture frames and similar projects.

This is a very versatile accessory with numerous work-saving and precision-enhancing applications.

Includes: • Tenon Master Jig, • Wooden Pivoting Trunnion • Adjustable, Quick-Release Toggle Clamp • Instructions and • Plans for a Table Saw Panel-Raising Fixture

Save with the Mortise & Tenon Package (555845)
Drill Perfectly Square Holes for Mortises of all Types and Cut Matching Tenons for Them with the Shopsmith Mortise & Tenon Package

The mortise-and-tenon is one of the strongest joints in woodworking and the recent popularity of arts-and-crafts (mission) furniture has also made it one of the most popular.

Tenons are usually 1/3 the thickness of the mating stock and centered. (3/4" stock = 1/4" tenon). The mortise should be about 3/4 the width of the mating stock. For blind joints, the tenon should be a bit shorter than the mortise depth, to allow room for glue. (4" wide stock = 1 7/16" long tenon).

Package Includes: • Mortising Package (Mortising Attachment, • Mortising Hold-Down, • one each 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" bit/chisel set and • honing stone) Plus Shopsmith Tenon-Master Jig!
Part NumberNameSpecifications
555845Mortise and Tenon PackageMortise & Tenon Package Includes:
Mortising Package:
• Mortising Attachment
• Hold-Down
• 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Bit/Chisel Sets
• Chisel Honing Stone
Tenon Master Package:
• Tenon Master Jig
• Wooden Angle Trunnion
• Adjustable, Quick-Release Toggle Clamp
• Instructions
• Plans for a Table Saw Panel-Raising Fixture


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Mortise and Tenon Package 555845

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