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Quick-Acting Drill Press Vise Is The Most Fully-Featured, Best-Working Model We’ve Ever Offered!




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Quick-Acting Drill Press Vise is the Most Fully-Featured, Best-Working Drill Press Vise for Holding Small Workpieces Ever!

This great Drill Press vise is the Most Fully-Featured, Best-Working Drill Press Vise for Holding Small Workpieces while You Bore Holes, Rout Mortises and Perform Other Operations. It offers 4" wide jaws that adjust rapidly with a push-button, quick-release mechanism. It can be mounted easily to your drill press table either directly on Your MARK 7 / MARK V 520, 510, 505 / MARK 4 with the included sliding T-Nuts. If you have a MARK V 500 You will mount through Your saw table insert using C-Clamps (not included).

• Line drilling small boards or dowels
• Center drilling small workpieces vertically
• Routing slots & mortises
• Hollow chisel mortising
• Pen-making operations

• Quick-release button lets you slide jaws open and closed FAST
• Rubberized grip feels comfortable in the hand to make it easier to tighten
• Handle can lock into position at 90° angle for added leverage when tightening

Includes: Vise • (2) Sliding T-nuts • (2) Buttonhead Bolts • (2) Fender Washers for Mounting to Your Shopsmith Table T-slots
Note: C–Clamps needed for mounting Drill Press Vise to Mark V Model 500 saw table insert are not included. Color may vary from the item shown in the photos.

Increase Your Project Versatility by Making Shopsmith Auxilllary Jaws to go with Your Quick-Acting Combination Vice
Plans and Hardware For a Sliding Base Plus 16 Accessory Jaws. We're offering a set of drawings (plus a 74-piece hardware pack) for creating a sliding mounting base and 16 shop-made wooden jaws that you can build for your Quick-Acting Combination Vise to grasp a variety of different sized and shaped workpieces in any number of positions.

• Sliding base lets you move & lock vise in position wherever you want it
• Small, straight wooden jaws feature stick-on abrasive strips for non-slip grasping of workpieces without marring
• Offset jaws let you grip large workpieces up to 11-3/8" wide
• Auxiliary jaws allow you to hold square or round workpieces of different sizes parallel to your worktable surface
• Open-top V-jaws to bore a row of in-line holes down the length of a dowel or any 90° edge of a square workpiece while holding your stock parallel to your worktable surface
• Jaws made to grip 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" dowels or square workpieces vertically
• Two jaw designs will ensure that your stock is held 90° to your table surface

Includes: Dimensioned Drawings for the Sliding Base and 16 Auxiliary Jaws • 74 Piece Hardware Pack and a • Driver for the Threaded Inserts.

NOTE: Works with Older Model Combo Vises. If you own an older combination vise from Shopsmith (even those from as far back as the 1980's), the holes for mounting our auxiliary vise jaws, as well as the slots for mounting to Your MARK worktable, are located in the IDENTICAL positions.

Use Abrasive Strips as Your Best Solution for Making Wooden Jaws Grip Workpieces More Securely
The Vise Abrasive Strip is 180-grit with a Self-stick Backing. Cut this abrasive to fit special purpose wooden vise Jaws to grip parts even better. This Abrasive strip is also supplied with the Accessory Jaw and Base Plans for the Drill Press Vise. Buy it separately when you want extras for additional Jaws.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
523060Vise Abrasive Strip(1) Vise Abrasive Strip
2-3/4 Inch Wide by 12 Inches Long
180 Grit


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Vise Abrasive Strip 523060

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