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The Shopsmith Adjustable Stop Collar puts an end to frustrating trial-and-error table height adjustments Delivering Precision Depth Dadoes, Grooves, Finger Joints & Molding cuts -- plus lots more!

This is an amazingly simple (and handy) Accessory that truly belongs in every Shopsmith-based workshop. Add on the optional laminated scales for even more convenient precision.

Weighing-in at a hefty 22 ounces and measuring about 2-1/4" in diameter, it's made of precision-machined steel then given a protective black oxide coating.

Just slip it over the front (operator-side) table tube on your MARK 7 or MARK V with the narrow ring "up" and you're ready to make micro depth-of-cut adjustments from a few thousandths to about 7/8".

Position your stop collar a couple of inches above the top of the table carriage and tighten the locking screw. Set the table height for your operation to within 1/4" or so of where you want it.

Set a gap of between 3/8" to 1/2" between the rings, then loosen the setscrew and drop the collar down until the bottom of the collar touches the top of your table carriage (be sure to clear all sawdust and debris away from the top of the table carriage). Tighten the setscrew.

Make your micro-adjustment by rotating the bottom portion (the wide ring) clockwise or counter-clockwise, as required. A single 360-degree turn of the adjustable ring provides 1/16" of adjustment.

You'll use it for making incremental table height adjustments when sawing dado or groove cuts, cutting tenons, forming finger joints or when using the molding head for making decorative cuts in workpiece surfaces.

You can also use it to set extension table heights... to micro-adjust the in-out position of your worktable and rip fence in relation to the quill when drilling, shaping, routing, hollow chisel mortising or drum sanding... or for Special Purpose Tool alignments, plus under-table routing while using the speed increaser.

Durable, Self-adhesive, Laminated Stop Collar Scales Help You Set and Return to Shopsmith Worktable Height Settings with Precision -- To Within Your Choice of:
• Fractional Scale: 1/128"
• Decimal Scale: 1/1000"
• Millimeter Scale: 1/10th of a millimeter

Stop Collar Scales are a Great Addition to Your Shopsmith Adjustable Stop Collar
If you already own a Shopsmith Adjustable Stop Collar, the Stop Collar Scales make a great addition for your collar. Printed in black ink on a bright yellow background (proven to be the most legible of all printed type combinations), they'll help you make minute table height adjustments in your choice of fractional, decimal or millimeter increments.

The two strips includes the three scales described above plus a fourth indexing scale with marks at four locations, spaced 90° apart. Just select the indexing mark that best suits your needs, then rotate the bottom portion of the collar in the increment that works best for your situation. Nothing could be simpler -- or more precise!

Featuring a tenacious, self-adhesive backing, once you attach the scales to your collar, you won't have to worry about them moving or coming un-glued... they'll be there for the duration!

In addition, the scales are protected by a rugged laminate covering to guard against scrapes, tears and snags.

Double-up your Stop Collar order for unparalleled convenience.
Order an extra Shopsmith Stop Collar and Scale and you'll be making table adjustments faster than you may ever have imagined!

Put the extra collar on the opposite side of your carriage and you'll have TWO quick, precise adjustments at the ready.

Put it on your fixed Extension Table Post and you'll be ready to raise and lower your main worktable and extension table in unison.

Part NumberNameSpecifications
556435Adjustable Stop Collars with Scales (2 Pack)-2 Adjustable Stop Collars
-2 Venier Scales


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Adjustable Stop Collars with Scales (2 Pack) 556435

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