We’re Here When You Need Us To Help You Keep Your Shopsmith Equipment Operating at Peak Performance


Shopsmith Factory Repair Service
We’re Here When You Need Us To Help You Keep Your Shopsmith Equipment Operating at Peak Performance
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When you can’t fix it yourself – or would prefer not to try… our staff of thoroughly trained, highly qualified service technicians is standing by to keep your Shopsmith tools and accessories operating just like they did the first day you took them out of their boxes.

As you probably know, Shopsmith tool problems are few and far between… and when they do occur, they’re usually easy enough to fix yourself, following the guidance that our Customer Service Representatives will provide to you over the phone. But sometimes (rare as that may be), you may encounter a problem that you would prefer to have someone with more experience handle for you. When that happens, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How To Access Factory Service
The process begins with a call to our Customer Care Team. After you describe the problem, they’ll first offer to walk you through fixing it yourself (if this is an option). If you then elect not to do so, they’ll give you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and explain the proper procedures for packing your tool securely for the trip to the factory.

When your tool arrives, an expert Service Technician will inspect it thoroughly and contact you with a firm repair quote (including tax and return shipping costs)… before any work begins! We don’t believe in surprises, so other than the original shipping to the factory, you will never be responsible for any additional costs until you are apprised of them, approve them, and the work is performed.

What Kinds of Services Can We Provide?
Tune-Up Specials
We offer everyday Basic Tune-Ups on Mark Smart Motors, Bandsaws, Jointers, Belt Sanders and Thickness Planer Cutterheads. If you’re experiencing problems with any of these Shopsmith products – or if you simply feel that it’s time for you to have one of these tools tuned-up for improved performance, give us a call.

Machine Repairs
If you have a Shopsmith power tool that’s in need of repairs of any kind, just give us a call and we’ll make arrangements to take care of it for you.

What about warranties?
Factory repairs are typically covered by a full one-year warranty that covers parts, labor and shipping Charges… and includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects with any part used in the repair.

This means that if your repair fails within these time-frames, we will remedy the problem free Of charge (including shipping costs), providing no signs of abuse or neglect are detected upon close examination.

Need Help?
Call Shopsmith U.S. Based Customer Care - 937-890-5197
Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Email Customer Care - customerservice@shopsmith.com

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With more than 600,000+ Owners, Shopsmith is the #1 Multi-Purpose Woodworking Equipment provider in the Unites States. We offer one of the best warranties in the business, plus, our Customer Care team takes great pride in supporting our Owners. We believe Owners should be able to connect with a live person, not a machine.

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