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STURDY. LIKE NO OTHER. The Shopsmith Special Purpose Tool (SPT) Power Stand is dressed-to-impress with custom-made, heavy-duty steel construction. The heavy-gauge-steel tapered legs are larger at the top to support the weight of all your Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools securely and run with less vibration.
Get The Shopsmith Power Stand for each of Your Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools including Bandsaw (#1 Selling Accessory), Belt Sander, Jointer, Scroll Saw, & Strip Sander.

Shopsmith's All-Inclusive, Machine-Specific Power Stands Give You Ready-To-Go Woodworking Convenience for Your Shopsmith Special-Purpose Tools! No need to switchover each time you want to use one of your Special Purpose Tools just power up whenever you are ready by using Your Power Stand. The Shopsmith Power Stand makes sure Your Special Purpose Tools are ready when you are!
• With Your Shopsmith Power Stand, there is no more lifting back and forth.
• Small footprint - just store in a corner and slide it out as needed.
• Made exclusively for the Shopsmith Woodworking System with sturdy all steel construction Powder Coated for durability.
• Plus, a Heavy-Duty, 1.25 Service Factor, 3/4 HP 11.3-amp motor ready to deliver an additional 25% performance output, on-demand, to handle even the toughest jobs with ease – THAT’S NEARLY 1-FULL HP OF TOP-END PERFORMANCE!

Universal Stand (555060)
The Universal Stand is ideal for the customer that wants to use their own Motor, Motor mount, Switch, Power Cord and Machine Mount. Even their own machine. The Universal Stand is made from the same rugged steel components as the SPT Power Stand but without the extra components you have already for your own machine. Add only what you need to design your own custom stand.

Leg Extenders (557108)
Raise your Special Purpose Tool a full 6" for comfort, convenience, or both! If you are taller than average or just want the Belt Sander, Strip Sander or Bandsaw a little taller to see your work better. Maybe you want the Jointer a little taller so you don’t have to bend over so far to push the workpiece through the machine. These 6” Leg Extenders will give you the extra lift you have always wanted.

Retractable Casters
Do not Forget the Retractable Casters. They add mobility to your SPT Stand. Simply move the SPT Stand out of where you store it. Use it. And roll it back out of the way. Retractable Casters let you move your Power Stand effortlessly wherever you want to use it. Then, with a touch of your toe, the Caster Wheels retract, placing rubber feet of the stand securely on the floor. For sturdy support under each of your SPT’s. Each Retractable Caster Wheel is designed to swivel in the corner of the stand, giving you full 360-degree mobility. The 2-inch diameter wheels are made from a very durable solid black polymer that will last for years and years.

Shopsmith Retractable Casters are available for either the Standard Height SPT Power Stand or the SPT Power Stand with Leg Extenders.
Standard Height SPT Stand Casters (555353)
Extended Height SPT Stand Casters (557124)

SPT Individual Belt and Pulley Packages
Belt and Pulley Packages are available for each SPT. If you only have room for one stationary SPT Power Stand, buy the SPT Power Stand for your Favorite SPT. Then for the rest of your SPT’s waiting in the wings, buy separate Pulley Packages for each. Then you simply change the belt and pulleys when you want to convert the SPT Power Stand to run a different machine. Use the same Motor, Switch, Cord, ALL ON THE SAME STAND. Simply change the belt and pulleys.
Bandsaw Belt and Pulley Package (514084)
Belt Sander Belt and Pulley Package (514085)
Jointer Belt and Pulley Package (514087)
Scroll Saw Belt and Pulley Package (515570)
Strip Sander Belt and Pulley Package (521767)
Part NumberNameSpecifications
514087Jointer Pulley and Belt Package30" V-Belt, 4-1/2" Motor Pulley, 2" Tool Pulley


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Jointer Pulley and Belt Package 514087

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