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The Massive, 35-pound Universal Lathe Tool Rest will do More to Improve Your Lathe Turning Results Than Any Other Tool!

Universal Lathe Tool Rest is the most stable, most versatile lathe tool rest you'll find anywhere - Period! (555811)
Its unique triple-jointed design lets you swing the arm and support in any direction to position your tool rest deep within the deepest bowls, vessels or goblets - even around the back side of large diameter faceplate or chuck-mounted turnings.

Weighing-in at a full 35 pounds, this heavy, rigid, cast iron tool rest system gives you all the rock-solid lathe tool support and reach you'll ever need. You'll quickly "hog-out" huge amounts of waste or deliberately and delicately produce intricate designs with equal ease and assured, super-smooth results every time.

No more annoying vibrations, chatter, or tool rest flexing. Whether you're turning with a faceplate, chuck or between centers, scraping or shearing, the added mass and rigidity with adjustment flexibility of this system will make a big difference in your turning results from now on.

Unique Triple-Jointed Design Lets You Swing the Arm and Support Where You Need
• Provides Up Close Support,
• Moves Deep Inside the Deepest Bowls
• Reaches Around the Back Side of Faceplate Turnings with Ease

Easy to Attach and Easier to Use
Simply remove Your MARK’s (for All MARKs except 10-ER and Mark II) worktable from the table carriage, set the 10" diameter by 1" thick cast iron mounting plate on top of the carriage, tighten the two bolts that go into the clamp under the carriage and go to work.

A quick twist of the locking lever loosens the 18-1/4" long support base arm. Rotate it a full 360-degrees, move it left or right and lock it firmly at any point along its 7-3/8" of travel.

Slip the rotating tool support arm into the support base arm and lock it into position with another quick-acting lever. The rugged 1" diameter steel post in the support arm gives you a full 2" of up-down travel allowing you to position Shopsmith's standard tool rest anywhere from 1/2" below to 1-1/2" above your work-piece centerline. An adjustable stop collar and height setscrew let you return to a pre-set height instantly. Any of the four available Shopsmith tool rests lock into the tool support arm with a convenient third lever.

Universal Lathe Tool Rest System Gives You Everything To Achieve Improved Turning Results:
• 10" diameter by 1" thick cast iron mounting base with precision machined support base bearing surfaces
• Rigid, 18-1/4" by 1-3/8" by 2-1/2" Cast Iron Support Base Arm with a 7-3/8" travel
• 4-3/8" by 1-1/2" Steel Tool Support Arm with 1" diameter steel mounting post and adjustable depth-stop collar
• Three Locking Levers for quick adjustments without tools or wrenches
• All necessary mounting hardware.

Note: Fits All MARKs except 10-ER and Mark II.

Lathe Curved Tool Rest (555312)
Rest your Hand or Tools on this Robust, Solid Cast Iron Rest. When using your Shopsmith Lathe, this tool rest can be used to easily craft bowl shaped pieces of wood. It offers You new angles to keep your hands and chisel sturdy. The curved shape lets you reach inside bowls easier and around the outside of a bowl with ease.

Lathe L-Shaped Specialty Tool Rest (555313)
90 Degree Tool Rest accommodates both scraping and shearing techniques. This Tool Rest is perfect for turning bowls, goblets, vases and other projects where you should make flowing, continuous cuts from outside surface to inside surfaces. Will not work on 10-ER and Mark II. Fits Tool Rest supports that have a 3/4" post.

Lathe 4 Inch Specialty Tool Rest (555314)
This Tool Rest lets you position closer to deep coves on a spindle or bowl. Reach farther into bowls for hollowing out, and get close to short spindles while maintaining the same steadiness a larger rest would provide. Will not work on 10-ER and Mark II. Top bevel design allows scraping and shearing. Fits Tool Rest Supports that have a 3/4" Post.

Lathe Tool Rest Package (555315)
Save with the Lathe Tool Rest Package and Get all three Tool Rests for all Your bowl and spindle turning needs.
Lathe Tool Rest Package Includes: Curved, L-Shaped (90 Degree) and 4" Specialty Tool Rests.

Lathe All-Inclusive Lathe Tool Rest Package (555868)
Get the Shopsmith Universal Tool Rest System along with 3 specialty tool rests. With these rests you'll enjoy better chisel control and results. The Curved Tool Rest lets you reach 4" deep into a bowl. The L-Shaped/ 90° Tool Rest allows you to make flowing continuous cuts from outside to inside surfaces. The 4" Speciality Tool Rest is great for smaller turning jobs and allows you to get in closer to deep coves.

Lathe Tool Rest Package Includes:
• Universal Lathe Tool Rest System
• Curved Lathe Tool Rest
• L-Shaped Specialty Lathe Tool Rest
• 4" Specialty Lathe Tool Rest

Lathe 8 Inch Tool Rest Standard (for All MARKS) (503749)
Machined Tool Rest. 8" tool rest that comes standard with the MARK 7.

Lathe Tool Rest Upgrades

Lathe Tool Rest Arm Upgrade (for All MARKs) (514264)
This Lathe Tool Rest Arm adjusts quickly without a hex wrench. This design lets you adjust the position of your lathe tool rest as the turned profile changes without tools. All adjustments are accomplished by hand-operated locking levers that pivot and swing to where you need them. This upgrade is particularly helpful to bowl turners.

Lathe Tool Rest Arm Upgrade Includes:
• Tool rest arm with warning label
• Set screw
• Upper and lower locking levers
• Instruction sheet

Lathe Tool Rest Locking Lever Upgrade (521765)
This Tool Rest Locking Lever Upgrade lets you take advantage of the tool free adjusting features on your existing Lathe Tool Rest without replacing the Lathe Tool Rest Arm. Simply remove the old set screws and thread in the new locking levers. This takes only a few minutes.

Lathe Tool Rest Locking Lever Upgrade Includes:
• Upper and lower locking levers
• Warning label
• Instruction sheet.

Note: Lathe Tool Rest Packages and Parts will NOT work on 10-ER and Mark II except for the Lathe Tool Rest Locking Lever Upgrade (521765) which will work with the 10-ER Only.
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555312Lathe Tool Rest (Curved)(1) Lathe Tool Rest (Curved)


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