Quick Index Quill Feed Handle (Two-Piece Kit) PART #556441

Save Time & Work When Re-positioning Your Shopsmith Quill Feed Handle with the 10-Position Quick-Index Quill Feed Handle




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The Can't Miss Details

Powerful Rare Earth Magnet & Fail-Safe Indexing Pin Make Handle Re-Positioning a Breeze!

Enjoy having 10 quill feed handle positions at 36° increments, instead of 3 positions at 120° increments!

In order to keep updating the Shopsmith Multipurpose Machine to make it easier and more convenient to use, we've recently come up with another great idea, a simple, inexpensive quill feed handle upgrade that's easier and safer to operate, provides comfortable working position, moves well out of Your way when necessary.

Here's How It Works
Simply remove the quill feed handle and hub that's mounted to the quill feed shaft on Your Shopsmith and replace it with the hub adapter. To attach the index handle to the adapter, slip the handle's center hole over the 5/8" shaft of the adapter. The rare earth magnet will engage immediately, pulling the handle indexing pin into one of the 10 holes bored into the adapter.

Handle Re-positioning
To disengage the handle from the adapter and move it to a different position, simply grasp the silver collar of the index handle (NOT the black handle nor the handle shaft) and pull it straight out and away from the adapter. No fiddling or un-screwing the handle from its hub. It's just that fast and easy!

The indexing pin and holes have been precision fitted to one another with just enough clearance to allow them to engage and disengage quickly, yet they WILL NOT disengage in the event You should accidentally bump the handle. Precision drilling and close tolerances make this an ingenious design that works perfectly every time!

Note: The Quick-Index Quill Feed Handle works on all MARKS

Available as a two-piece Standard Kit or a three-piece Deluxe Kit with an adapter for each side of the Smart Motor.

Quick-Index Quill Feed Handle Standard Two-Piece Kit (556441)
Includes: One Steel Hub Adapter and One Quick-Index Handle

Quick-Index Handle Only (523071)
Includes: Indexing pin, Rare Earth Magnet, Handle Rod and Black Plastic Handle

Quick-Index Hub Adapter (523070)
Includes: Standard 5/32" Setscrew and 10 Precision-bored, Evenly Spaced Circumferential Indexing Pin Holes

Get the Quick-Index Deluxe Three-Piece Kit (556442)
You'll get the basic kit --PLUS-- an extra hub adapter for the opposite side of the machine. Bundle & Save instead of buying separately.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
556441Quick Index Quill Feed Handle (Two-Piece Kit)(1) Steel Hub Adapter - Hub Adapter includes standard 5/32" setscrew and 10 precision-bored, evenly spaced circumferential indexing pin holes
(1) One Quick-Index Handle - Quick-Index Handle includes indexing pin, rare earth magnet, handle rod and black plastic handle


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Quick Index Quill Feed Handle (Two-Piece Kit) 556441

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