Shaper/Drum Sander Fence Kit (Includes Accessories) (for MARK V 500) PART #555144

Create Beautiful Decorative Trim on Curved or Straight Edges with Shopsmith Shaping Accessories




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Shaper Complete Package (for All MARKs except MARK V 500) (555141)
Create Decorative Edges, Fancy Trim and Precision Joinery with This Professional Shaping Package
While the molder produces great straight-line cuts in the surfaces of workpieces and the dado is the tool to reach for when you need square-edged dadoes or grooves, the shaper is best for decorating edges or making edge joints on straight or curved edges.

In fact, rub collars and starting pins let the shaper tackle irregular shaped edges as easily as regular ones. Plus, the shaper even lets you work on the inside edges of cut-outs such as round or oval picture frames.

Includes: Shaper/Drum Sander Fence Kit • Shaper Table Insert • Shaper Arbor with Collars • 1/4" & 1/2" Combo Quarter Round Cutter • Flute & Quarter Round Cutter • 3/16" Bead & Cove Cutter • Door Panel Shaper Cutter • Door-Rail Coper Shaper Cutter

Note: 555141 is Not for use with 10-ER, Mark 2 or older-style Mark VII, or MARK V 500.

Shaping Complete Package is available and is sold separately for MARK V 500 (556209)

Get Precise Lateral Depth-of-Cut Control With the Shaper / Drum Sander Fence Kit (555113)

Both the infeed and outfeed sides of this fence are independently micro-adjustable to 1/64". It provides full workpiece support before and after the cut.

Includes: Shaper/Drum Sander Fence • Shield • Quill-Mounted Feather guard • Table-Mounted Featherboard and • Vacuum Attachment.

Note: Not for use with 10-ER, Mark 2 or older-style Mark VII or MARK V 500.

Shaper / Drum Sander Fence Kit is available and is sold separately for MARK V 500 (555144)

The Under-Table Shaper Starter Kit is the perfect partner with your Double-Tilt! (555149)
Get started quickly and easily making beautiful decorative edges on all your projects. Decorative edges greatly enhance the look of the finished piece. Under-Table Shaping operations are generally considered safer as the workpiece acts as an additional safety guard. It also is considered more convenient and accurate for decorative cuts because you can inspect the workpiece without changing the set-up. It can be used with any MARK that has the Double-Tilt capability.

The Under-Table Shaper Starter Kit is a great option for Owners looking to try under-table shaping for the first time, or who need to replace lost or worn parts of their Complete Shaping Package. MARK 7 / MARK V 520, 510, 505 / MARK 4

Your Shaper Starter Kit includes:
• Shaper/Router Safety Shield
• 1/2" Shaper Arbor with Collars
• Shaper Table Insert (fits all MARKs except MARK V 500)
• Ogee Shaper Cutter

Shaper/Router Guard Upgrade for Kit (555140)
Add safety and improve dust and chip removal with the Shaper/Router Guard Retro-Fit Kit. Designed specifically for your Mark V in the shaping and routing configurations for improved dust and chip removal and increased shop safety on any Routing or Shaping packages purchased before 1/86. Works on All MARKs
Shaper/Router Guard Upgrade for Kit Includes: Feather Board Guard, Vacuum Attachment, Circular Shield & Brush, Feather Board, & Rear Fence Guard.

Rip-Fence Featherboard - Attaches to the top of your router table fence for use as a hold-down during straight-line routing. (555783)

Ball Bearing Shaper Spindle & Chuck (556270)
Shaper Spindle with Ball Bearing Rub Collars and 1/2" Router Chuck. Works on all MARKs

Shaper Spindle Arbor Set - Ball Bearings (555472)
Provides improved finish cuts on both straight line and contour Shaping; burn-free results.
For use with the Speed Increaser (If you already own.) As well as with the ½” Router chuck to hold Shaper Cutters. Works on all MARKs

Increase the Functionality and Convenience of Shaping with these Accessories

Router / Shaper Table-Mounted Guard (515704)
Overhead Shaper Guard - Use with the Under Table function of your MARK 7 / MARK V 505,510,520 / MARK 4 for contour Shaping or using Router Bits with bearing pilots. Position this Overhead Shaper Guard directly over the cutter for maximum coverage. Comes with adjustable brush on clear guard to knock down flying chips and shavings for more effective dust collection. Support Bracket comes with integral dust port. This assembly slips in the table T-Slot and locks in place with a quarter-turn of the support post.

Includes: See-Through Guard • Screw-In Mounting Post • Support Bracket with Integral Dust Port • Mounting Hardware • Instruction Sheet

Shaper/Router Shield Puts Safety Back Into Shaping and Routing (555373)
This see-through shield clamps around your MARKs quill housing with a single screw and provides both front eye protection and a rear brush that can be adjusted to meet the top of the fence or your workpiece for added dust collection efficiency. Standard with router and shaper packages.

Note: Not for use with 10-ER, Mark 2 or older-style Mark VII or MARK V 500.

Shaper Table Insert (for MARK 7 / MARK V 520, 510, 505) is a Must for Full Workpiece Support for Shaping (555122)
MARK 7 / MARK V 520, 510, 505 / MARK 4 table insert is made of rigid diecast aluminum (Mark V model 500 insert is made of a tough polymer). This Table insert has a 2-1/4" diameter circular cutout to allow the shaper cutter to drop below the table surface to shape edges completely and smoothly. Two threaded holes for screw-in starter pins from the top and as a provision for attaching vacuum attachment for dust collection.

Shaper / Drum Sander Table Insert (for MARK V 500) (556267)
Part NumberNameSpecifications
555144Shaper/Drum Sander Fence Kit (Includes Accessories) (for MARK V 500)Includes: Shaper/Drum Sander Fence • Shield • Quill-Mounted Featherguard • Table-Mounted Featherboard and • Vacuum Attachment.


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Shaper/Drum Sander Fence Kit (Includes Accessories) (for MARK V 500) 555144

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