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Shopsmith Strip Sander is the Best Detail Sander on the Market! (555309)

This Versatile, Compact Machine Works Equally Well With All Types and Shapes of Materials. The Strip Sander is an often-forgotten, value-priced workshop addition that will save you countless hours of tedious hand work on a variety of woodworking tasks, as well as grinding, sharpening and polishing of chisels, other workshop edged tools and garden implements of all types.

Use Your Choice of a narrow 1" or 1/2" belt to achieve the same kinds of work-saving convenience that you've come to expect from your full-sized stationary or portable belt sanders - just on a smaller scale.

You'll Use Your Strip Sander to:
• Smooth the external edges of small craft, model or miniature projects
• Sand or grind intricate internal cut-outs on projects of all types, thanks to its unique belt re-threading capability
• Grind metal objects or shape parts made of plastic, bone or other materials
• Sharpen chisels, knives, scissors, metal snips or lawn and garden tools
• Put a keen edge on bevel-edged or turning chisels using the optional chisel sharpener

Feature-Packed for Ease of Operation and First-Rate Results

Oversized tilting table is 11" x 11", made of rugged die-cast aluminum and tilts from 0 to 45° for precision beveling or working on sharpening jobs. Its generous size provides plenty of rock-solid support for your most critical tasks.

Interchangeable Flat & Curved Platens support the belt during straight or curved sanding or grinding jobs. You'll get both 1" and 1/2" flat platens plus a 1/2" radius curved platen. You can even remove the platens completely for unsupported light sanding of delicate workpieces.

Exposed Upper Tracking Wheel lets you sand the flowing external curves of valances, decorative trim and similar projects.

Simple Tracking Adjustments & Automatic Belt Tensioning make using this machine hassle-free.

A quick twist of the single tracking knob keeps the belt running straight and true - while the spring-loaded tracking wheel automatically keeps the belt on-track, without fiddling.

Built-In Dust Port lets you use your in-shop dust collector to capture dust and other debris before they become a problem in your shop.

Belt Sizes – 1” (or 1/2") x 42"
Platens - 1" flat, 1/2" flat & 1/2" radius curved
Table Size - 11" x 11" (5-1/2" of table in front of platen)
Table Tilt - 0 to 45° - forward only
Throat Depth - 6" behind platen (with table at 90-degrees)
Maximum Stock Thickness - External Sanding 4" - Internal (Piercing Cuts) 3-1/4" (with table at 90-degrees)
Speed Range (recommended) - 700 rpm - 2,500 rpm
Dimensions - 7" L x 11" W x 15" D
Weight -15 lbs.

Note: Power Coupler required for use with the MARK or Power Station.

WARNING: Do not use Dust Collection of any type while sharpening or grinding. The hot sparks will catch this machine on fire.

Chisel Sharpening Attachment makes Your Shopsmith Strip Sander a Sharpening Whiz! (555812)
Add this easy-to-use Attachment to Your Shopsmith Strip Sander and you'll be putting super-keen, razor-sharp edges on all your Bench and lathe chisels before You know it! Just replace your Strip Sander's Table with this attachment, switch to the special angles Sharpening Platen and You'll be ready to start sharpening in less than two minutes. Drop the end your Chisel's handle into the Holder, adjust for length and desired angle, tighten the two knobs and start sharpening. It's that easy!

Includes: Attachment, Platen, Upper Drum Guard and Superfine Assorted Belt Kit.

Get the Shopsmith Strip Sander with the Chisel Sharpening Attachment. (556460)

In addition to all the regular features of the Shopsmith Strip Sander, you gain the ability to put a razor-sharp edge on your bench chisels and lathe chisels. Order the combination package and SAVE compared to individual prices!
Part NumberNameSpecifications
556460Strip Sander with Chisel Sharpening AttachmentShopsmith Strip Sander Specifications:
Belt Sizes - 1/2" (or 1") x 42"
Platens - 1/2" flat, 1" flat & 1/2" radius curved
Table Size - 11" x 11" (5-1/2" of table in front of platen)
Table Tilt - 0 to 45° - forward only
Throat Depth - 6" behind platen
Maximum Stock Thickness - External Sanding 4" - Internal (Piercing Cuts) 3-1/4"
Speed Range (recommended) - 700 rpm - 2,500 rpm
Dimensions - 7" L x 11" W x 15" D
Weight -15 lbs.

Chisel Sharpening Attachment for Strip Sander Includes: Attachment, Platen, Upper Drum Guard and Superfine Assorted Belt Kit (521897)


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Strip Sander with Chisel Sharpening Attachment 556460

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